Fitted Wedding Bands

How do I find a wedding ring to match my engagement ring?

When selecting an engagement ring, it's easy to overlook how it will look with a wedding ring. While some straight wedding rings fit perfectly with an engagement ring, others may not look right or feel comfortable when worn together.

Fortunately, over half of the wedding rings crafted today are fitted rings, specifically designed to complement the main diamond or gemstone setting of the engagement ring. These rings are a perfect fit, matching the width and thickness of the engagement ring and even its diamond setting, and engraving, creating a harmonious and hassle-free pairing.

If you haven't yet chosen an engagement ring, it's a good idea to look for a setting that will accommodate a straight wedding band if that's your preference. It's also essential to try on wedding rings with your chosen engagement ring to ensure a good match.

Never settle for a wedding ring that doesn't fit well. Poorly matched rings, like those shown here, will constantly rub against each other, causing friction and faster wear and tear. The rings should all be crafted from the same specific alloy i.e. 14k gold. A poorly fitted wedding or anniversary ring, or one made from a different alloy, can actually damage the engagement ring setting within just a few years.

Visit us in-store for guidance on selecting the best wedding ring style to suit your engagement ring. You can even try on different styles to see what works for you as we have an excellent selection of ring styles in-store. Alternatively, send us a picture of your engagement ring and we'll provide you with an approximate quote for a fitted wedding ring. The process of designing and creating a fitted ring typically takes between 14- 21 days.

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