Diamond Grading Reports

All of the Diamonds we sell are certified, whether you are buying a mined diamond or lab grown. Certification is your guarantee that your diamond has not been subject to any kind of treatment. It is also your guarantee that the diamond specifications you would like, are what you are buying.

Lab Grown

The lab grown diamonds that we sell are the world's first fully traceable,100% Climate Neutral and Sustainability Rated diamonds, and this is noted on their certification. Each diamond is also laser inscribed with a unique identification code. Lab Grown Diamonds have identical physical, optical and chemical properties as earth mined diamonds. The only difference is their point of origin and the price.


Diamonds are among nature’s most precious and beautiful creations. We want you to enjoy the very best that mother nature and human ingenuity has to offer. Certification is just as important to us as it should be to you. By only selling diamonds certified by gemological world leaders we know we are offering you the very best diamonds that we can. We will also triple check everything throughout your purchasing process, to ensure that each and every diamond we sell has the specifications to provide maximum light refraction and sparkle!

CanadaMark® Diamonds

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