Cleaning and Storing

Diamonds will reward you most when they are clean. To maintain the brilliance of your diamond at home, a dipping solution can be made by using a small amount of handy andy or dish washing liquid and warm water.

Just swirling your ring in the warm water should clean the diamond but if your diamond's got some stubborn dirt, you can try gently brushing it with a soft toothbrush. Just be careful not to scratch the gold! And if you're not into DIY cleaning, don't worry - just pop into our store and we'll clean it for you as a complimentary service. Plus, we'll check your diamond ring setting to make sure everything's still secure.

You may know that diamonds are super tough and can withstand scratches, but they can still scratch each other. If you want to keep your diamond jewellery looking its best, it's important to store them separately. Keeping your jewellery organized and safe is always a good idea, as this will lessen the chances of pieces becoming damaged.

Ring Setting Security

If you wear your diamond ring every day, there is a chance your diamond or gemstone may come loose or the prongs might bend when being knocked, which could cause your precious stone to fall out. Yikes! To avoid that, we suggest taking off your ring every few days and checking for any damage.

It's also super important to have a professional jeweller inspect and tighten your ring every six months to a year. That way, you can be sure everything is still nice and secure. At NZ Jewellers, we've got you covered with our complimentary inspections, and expert setting tightening services by our in-store jeweller if required.

And while we're at it, let's give your ring some love! During our inspection, we'll also give your ring a clean and polish so it looks as brilliant as the day you got it. Take care of your diamond ring, and it'll be a symbol of your love for a long, long time.

Rhodium Plating

If your white gold engagement ring doesn't look as bright as it did when you first got it, don't freak out. It's totally normal!

Here's the deal: white gold is made with some yellow gold and other alloys, but to get that super white and shiny finish, it's plated with a precious metal called rhodium. Over time, that plating can wear off, especially if you use hand creams or spray perfume near your ring, or work with chemicals.

But no worries - we can help! Re-rhodium plating your ring involves polishing the ring and then applying a fresh coat of rhodium. It only takes about an hour and costs around $100. Bring your ring into our store, and we'll have it looking brand new again in no time!

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