1.02ct Round Brilliant, Ideal Cut, D Colour, Internally Flawless, GIA Certified Lab Grown Diamond

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This diamond is available to collect in-store or to be shipped on the next business day.
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Easy Returns

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Life-time Warranty

This very special lab grown round brilliant diamond is available to be shipped next business day or set into the ring design of your choice. Choose from one of our beautiful ring designs or show us your dream ring and we'll craft it for you.

This diamond is of the highest quality; D colour and Internally flawless clarity. It has also been cut to absolutely perfection and has been awarded an Ideal Cut when being graded by GIA and AGS. This is the top grade a diamond can achieve and means the diamond will receive and refract light to perfection. A very rare and stunning diamond that sparkles without equal. This diamond will sell quickly, so get in fast!

DIAMOND Type DIAMOND Size/weight report report no.

Lab Grown Diamond

1.02 carat GIA & AGS Ideal


CUT Colour clarity Dimensions

Ideal Triple Excellent


Internally Flawless


This item is available to be collected or to be shipped on the next business day.

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Why choose lab grown diamond?

Affordable - priced lower than diamond

Lasts a lifetime - LG diamond has the exact same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined diamonds. These diamonds are made of pure carbon and are produced through the same process of crystallization under high pressure and temperature, just like mined diamonds.

Quality - LG Diamonds are produced under controlled laboratory conditions that enable the creation of high-quality diamonds with minimal inclusions, offering VS clarity and F+ color grades. In addition, the diamonds are expertly cut to achieve excellent proportions, symmetry, and polish. These factors work together to produce diamonds with exceptional brilliance and fire, resulting in a mesmerizing sparkle that catches the eye.


Choosing lab-grown is an environmentally conscious decision. LG Diamond is created in a sustainable and controlled laboratory environment, without the need for ecologically damaging mining practices.

Recycled - We use recycled gold when crafting our jewellery.

Just like mined diamond LG diamond scores a perfect 10 on the Mohs hardness scale and is fine for wearing every day.

To keep your gemstones and diamonds sparkling it is always recommended to remove your Jewellery before applying hand cream or sunscreen. To clean your jewellery put some warm water with a tiny amount of dish-washing liquid into a bowl and gently swish around. If stubborn dirt has lodged behind the stones you can use a soft toothbrush to gently clean the setting and stones. A gold polishing cloth will also help to keep your item looking at its best.

White gold jewellery typically features a rhodium plating that gives it a bright, white appearance. Rhodium is a precious metal that is plated onto the surface of white gold to achieve this effect. However, it's important to note that this plating can wear off over time due to exposure to harsh chemicals, such as those found in perfumes and cleaning agents. To preserve the rhodium plating and maintain the shine of your white gold jewelry, it's recommended to avoid exposing it to such chemicals. Instead, gently clean your jewelry with a soft cloth and mild soap and water.

The claws holding your gemstone are important. A quick check every now and then to make sure they have not been damaged by knocks, or been caught on woolen jumpers etc, is a good way to ensure the stone setting security. We are always available to assist if you have an accident with your jewellery and need it to be repaired.

All About Beautiful Jewellery

As one of Auckland's best 5 rated jewellery stores, we take great pride in offering exquisite pieces that cannot be found anywhere else. Our small, family-run business is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to every single client. At our jewellery store, you can expect a personalized experience where we treat you and your purchase with the utmost care and attention, regardless of your budget.

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This is the best Jewellers ever... They always do a great job on repairing my jewellery in a timely and professional manner. Last time I went to several jewellers to get my aunties earrings fixed which were over 30 years old. All the jewellers I went to said they couldn't be fixed and pushed me to sell them as gold... this was really disappointing to me as the earrings are sentimental. I took them to NZ Jewellers, not a problem to fix them and they did a fantastic job - thank you so much from a very happy customer:)

Debbie Smith
Google Reviews

Experts at what they do in terms of repairs. Also has some beautiful items in this store.

Google Reviews

The stress I had to try and find someone that could resize my engagement ring was so bad. After being denied by 5 different places like Michael Hill, I was so fed up until I was recommended NZ jewellers Ltd. After getting off the phone with Jason and dropping my ring off and having the job done only a day or 2 later, can't even explain the happiness and joy it's brought me.

My ring was literally 7 SIZES BIGGER from what I actually was and they resized it with no problem. I'm left with an amazing job that hasn't altered the design of the ring and left it looking like the day I received it and in overly satisfied with the workmanship. Well done to you Team and thank you Jason for not turning me away and providing me with other options and alternatives to choose from. I'd love to come back here again!"

Thank you!

Jasmine Teina
Google Review

I got my engagement ring made by Jason. He was very accommodating and worked around my requirements. His price and quality is the best i found in all of Auckland. He made recommendations to ensure the finish was of the highest quality. I will highly recommend him and will be back for my wedding band and any future jewelry requirements. I love my ring thanks Jason.

Doreen Kumari
Google Reviews

Good friendly helpful service...well worth a visit...🙂

Gaylene Stone
Google Reviews

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