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All about Moissanite

Learn all about the radiant wonder of Moissanite

In its natural form, Moissanite remains exceptionally rare, coming only from meteorites that strike the Earth’s upper mantle. It’s because of this rarity in nature that humans decided to grow them in a lab, making Moissanite available for everyone — for both industrial uses and for jewelry purposes.

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Why Choose Lab-Created Moissanite?

When used in jewelry, lab-created Moissanite has unmatched brilliance that sparkles from across the room. Its attractive price point adds to its dazzling impact, making any jewelry dream a reality.

Here are a few reasons to choose lab-created Moissanite for your engagement ring, or any item of fine fashion jewelry:

Lab-created Moissanite is affordable - Because scientists have perfected the growing process, lab-created Moissanite is incredibly affordable. Carat for carat, you can get a larger Moissanite at a significantly lower price than a diamond of the same size. This allows everyone to get the center stone they want with no sacrifice on size, clarity, cut, or color.

Lab-created Moissanite lasts a lifetime - It’s a 9.25 on the Mohs Scale, which means Moissanite has a high tolerance to being scratched. It’s harder than even sapphire and ruby, which rank at 9. Moissanite is also exceptionally durable — or, in geological terminology, tough. This refers to the fact Moissanite doesn’t chip, break, or fracture. easily.

Lab-created Moissanite has some serious sparkle, more than even diamonds! - With its double refraction and radiant rainbow fire, this lively, durable gem can offer that much desired sparkle to your engagement ring, ear studs or pendant, or any other item of jewellery you desire. 

Nothing gets wasted in the growing process making this gem as sustainable as they come - There is no impact on natural eco-systems & non-gem-quality Moissanite is used in computer chips and motherboards.


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