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Diamond Traditions

It is traditional to give a diamond as a symbol of engagement between two people in love, and then again on the 75th wedding anniversary. But most women would agree that any time in-between can also be a good time! But why do we give diamonds as a symbol of commitment and eternal love?

  • Diamonds are the hardest substance humans have discovered thus far, and offer great strength and resilience to commitment.
  • A diamond will undoubtedly be the oldest thing that you ever give or own, possibly over 3 billion years in fact, and offer permanence to commitment.
  • Diamonds are minerals, natural crystals; in fact they are the transparent form of pure carbon (coal). In diamonds the clarity and colour form naturally. A diamonds sparkling white beauty offers purity to commitment.
  • Diamonds are formed in kimberlites in the middle of our Earth and erupted to the surface by unpredictable volcanoes, and then over a billion years, the mineral hardens and forms diamond as we know it. Not unlike the evolvement of a loving relationship, just on a much lesser time scale. A diamond offers the excitement of falling in love and the consolidation toward a loving and long term commitment.

So there are good reasons diamonds were chosen to symbolize commitment. Check out the 4 C's and learn more about diamonds.